Finished Basement Bar

5 Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Considering finishing your basement? There are many reasons to do this, and why you choose to finish your basement will, of course, depend on your lifestyle, habits, hobbies, and needs. There are… Read More

interior of patio enclosure

6 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

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4 Reasons to Replace Your Doors

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Stamped concrete

Why Stamped Concrete Patios are so Popular

Considering adding onto or redoing your patio? Think about using stamped concrete instead of brick, flagstone, or other paving options. Concrete is a highly versatile material, which explains its growing… Read More

Working on your home in fall

10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

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Retractable Shades for your Home

Types of Exterior Solar Shades

Concerned about home energy costs during the warmer months of the year? You’re not alone. Cooling costs can account for a large portion of your home’s energy bills. One option… Read More

new year home maintenance checklist

4 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

In the spring, April showers bring green grass, May flowers, budding trees, and home repairs! Yes, that is right, your house may require some work after the cold winter months… Read More

bathroom remodel

5 Steps to a Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom can be a great escape from the rest of the world, but it has to feel like a relaxing and comfortable space to help you truly unwind. If… Read More

new roof - asphalt shingles

What to Look for in a New Roof

Cracked roof or missing shingles? Water damage? These are all signs that it’s probably time to replace your roof. So what do you look for when you’re in the market… Read More

Home Maintenance for Spring

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Today is the first day of spring and with it comes thoughts of warmer weather, flowers blooming, and of course, the dreaded spring cleaning! In addition to rounding up the… Read More

window replacement

Top 10 Ways to Love Your Home

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are the top 10 ways to love your home. You’ll be surprised much your home will love… Read More