6 Ways to Use a Bay Window

A bay window consists of three segments and extends from a flat surface at an angle. They can vary in size, style, and design and the shelf or bench they create can as well. This means, depending on the size and style, you can use a bay window in a lot of different ways. Here are a few popular ways to use a bay window:

1. Turn it Into a Reading Nook

If you’re opting for a bay window with a large bench-like shelf, you can turn it into a reading nook. This type of window is a great way to add more natural light to your home and can also provide a fantastic place to kick back with a book and relax.

A cozy seat cushion and some pillows can help you create a comfortable spot. You can even add some extras like small built-in shelves to hold some of your favorite books or just create a convenient place to put drinks and snacks.

2. Include Some Extra Storage

With large bay windows that are angled deep enough to create a bench, you have the option to include some extra storage. You can go for a bench where you lift the top to access the storage inside. Or, you can go for built-in cabinets or open storage cubes in the base of the bench to still get the seating with some extra storage included.

3. Grow a Kitchen Garden

Bay windows have a large picture pane between two smaller panes. Although this type of window can be big enough to sit in, it doesn’t have to be. Bay windows can also be smaller and built with a smaller shelf to add more light to other areas like the kitchen.

A bay window with a small shelf can let more light into your kitchen and be the perfect place to grow a kitchen garden. Some indoor plants, herbs, and spices can easily thrive in a bay window in your kitchen. These are also popular ways to use garden windows.

4. Add Extra Seating

A bay window can be a great way to add some extra seating to a room while also adding more light and improving the look and feel of the room as well. This is why upgrading to a bigger window when replacing windows is one of the popular window style trends. Not only does the bench of a big bay window provide a few extra seats in a room, but it also creates a space you can use when you don’t have guests.

5. Make a Dining Nook

Another one of the ways to use a bay window is to incorporate it into a dining nook. Because these windows can have a bench for an extra seat or a couple of seats, you can easily add a table and a couple of chairs to create a dining area in your kitchen or dining room.

Plus, you can use it for games, work, and other activities as well. Another option is to turn the shelf of the bay window into the dining area itself to create bar seating with a fantastic view. This can be a great way to create some extra seating and a dining nook without taking up a lot of space inside your home.

6. Create a Cozy Bed for Your Pet

This type of window can be the perfect addition to a pet lover’s home. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or another pet, they probably love relaxing in a warm, sunny spot and looking out the window. A bay window with a small shelf or a large bench can be a great place to incorporate windows into your home and create a cozy bed for your pet to curl up in and relax.

These are just a few ways to use a bay window. Some of the biggest benefits of a bay window are that they are so customizable and versatile. Because these windows are so versatile, they are a great addition to your home or can be a great way to upgrade an existing window.

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