About Our Showroom

Sixteen years ago, Zephyr Thomas’s office at 1340 Harrisburg Pike was a run-down chicken distribution center, according to Matt Reeser, a sales consultant who has been with the company for… Read More

finished patio enclosure

3 Useful Sunroom Ideas to Inspire You

A sunroom can add valuable space to your home. Whether it’s extra lounging space, a second dining area, a greenhouse-like natural haven, a special place to entertain guests, or something… Read More

winter gutter maintenance - clean gutter

The Best Way to Clean Gutters

Gutters are seemingly humble, but they are an all-important part of your home. Their purpose of diverting rainwater, snow, and ice-melt away from your home keeps your house looking good… Read More


3 Signs You Should Replace Your Gutters

When your home’s gutters don’t work correctly, it can cause serious problems. Worn-out or improperly installed gutters can cause anything from cosmetic concerns like water staining to pervasive rot that… Read More

patio awning

3 Reasons To Get Window Awnings

If the windows are your home’s eyes, and the blinds are its eyelids, then your window awnings are the protective eyelashes. When installed properly and built using the right materials, awnings… Read More

Finished Basement Bar

5 Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Considering finishing your basement? There are many reasons to do this, and why you choose to finish your basement will, of course, depend on your lifestyle, habits, hobbies, and needs…. Read More

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6 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

A house’s windows are so important, in terms of safety, curb appeal, and efficient energy usage. If they’re not performing up to par, it may be time to replace your… Read More


4 Reasons to Replace Your Doors

The doors in your house, especially the well-used ones, might take lots of abuse. Doors can last for years, but if a door is starting to become an annoyance, a… Read More

Stamped concrete

Why Stamped Concrete Patios are so Popular

Considering adding onto or redoing your patio? Think about using stamped concrete instead of brick, flagstone, or other paving options. Concrete is a highly versatile material, which explains its growing… Read More

Working on your home in fall

10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Your home is an investment, and it’s likely where you spend most of your time. It pays to spend a little time and energy on maintenance to make sure it’s… Read More

Retractable Shades for your Home

Types of Exterior Solar Shades

Concerned about home energy costs during the warmer months of the year? You’re not alone. Cooling costs can account for a large portion of your home’s energy bills. One option… Read More