How to Prioritize Home Remodeling Projects

Remodeling your home requires planning. Properly planned renovation projects will ensure that homeowners receive the benefits and improvements they were hoping to achieve. But, how do you decide what to do first when you have multiple projects you want to do? Understanding how to prioritize home remodeling projects is an important part of the process and can help you figure out what to tackle first. Here are some tips on how to prioritize home remodeling projects:

1. Consider the Reason for the Remodel

As a homeowner, you should make some careful evaluations as to the reason you are contemplating one home improvement project versus another. It’s also important to evaluate the reason for each potential project so that you know how to prioritize them.

As a rule, projects that address and fix things like safety concerns, building code issues, or necessary structural upgrades or improvements with the home should take first priority. After home improvements of these types are taken care of, others that are more aligned with home renovation trends that address convenience and aesthetics can be considered.

2. Balance Wants vs Needs

Balance is necessary within just about every aspect of life and your home improvement plans aren’t any different. It is imperative to balance your needs and wants. Most of the time this will mean that needs will take precedence over your wants, but there are times when you can enjoy the benefits of addressing both within the same project.

For example, your home may be in need of a new roof and you have been considering a three- or four-season sunroom addition. Perhaps the roofline of the new addition will be integrated into the existing roof on the home and will require a large portion of the old roof to be removed. If the budget allows for the size and scope of this type of project, it can become a perfect time to add a dream home addition and address the home’s roof replacement needs at the same time.

3. Think About Your Budget

Balancing your “wants” versus your “needs” must be done within your budget. Budgeting is an important priority. And, staying within your determined budget is an important thing to keep in mind throughout your project.

You can help to make this a reality by properly planning out a budget before the project begins and making sure to include some padding and buffer, just in case any unexpected complications are encountered during the project which will need to be addressed. For this reason, budgeting is one of the main things to prioritize during a home renovation since it will help direct and steer the course of your project and it can also help you determine what home improvement project you tackle next.

4. Evaluate the Effect on Your Home’s Value

If your home doesn’t have any necessary projects in regard to building codes or safety concerns that need to be completed, projects that increase comfort, convenience, curb appeal, and market value can take priority and be moved to the top of the short-list. The projects that promise to increase your quality of life and create opportunities for creative design and functionality are oftentimes the most enjoyable to undertake. However, when choosing to do a remodeling project within your home, you want to consider the effect of that project on your home’s value.

You want to make sure that the project can indeed provide either curb appeal, an increase in convenience or efficiency to your life, and/or increased market value for your home. Thankfully, there are several home improvement projects that provide a high return on investment. Projects that fail to provide any of the aforementioned values and aren’t necessary to mitigate safety or building code concerns may need to be reconsidered.

Remodel Your Home With Zephyr Thomas

There are many types of home improvement. Before you decide upon your next remodeling project, it is important to prioritize so that you are sure you are making the most appropriate choice for your family and your circumstances. Determining where to start can seem like a challenging ordeal. However, the initial planning phases of a project don’t have to be overwhelming.

Working with an experienced home improvement contractor can alleviate much of a homeowner’s stress. If you need assistance in determining which of your home improvement ideas should be taking priority, we would be happy to help you out. Call us today at (717) 399-4708!