6 Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Home

The value of having a home with some exterior living space can’t be overstated. Decks are often a phenomenal addition to your home. They provide many benefits and can transform the backyard area of the property into a more useful and inviting place to relax, have fun, or entertain guests. Here are a few benefits of adding a deck to your home:

1. Decks Add a Space to Entertain and Relax

A deck is an outdoor space where the beauty of nature is on full display. A place where you can feel the summer breeze and watch the birds. What better place for a family to spend time together or entertain guests? A new deck addition is a prime place for entertainment and relaxation.

Decks provide a good deal of room and are an efficient space for entertaining, and even serving food or dining. For people who entertain large groups during the warmer months of the year, decks create a natural area for people to congregate and socialize outside of the home. Decks also provide homeowners with a quiet place to relax and recharge by taking in the outdoors, a good book, or some rays of sunshine.

Take a look at the video below to see the Zephyr Thomas team building a new deck addition for this homeowner!

2. A Deck Adds Value to Your Home

A deck addition can add value to your home. In fact, it’s one of the home improvement projects with the highest ROI. By integrating quality home improvements within your property, you will create value and increase the market value of your house.

The same benefits and opportunities that a deck provides to you will be provided to another person who is looking to buy your home if you list it for sale down the road. Not only will an attractive, professionally-installed deck look great on your home, but it will also serve to catch the attention of more buyers and that often can translate into less time on the market or a high price tag. This is why it’s one of the home upgrades that add value.

3. Decks Increase Functional and Livable Space

A deck is one of the best and most economical ways to increase the functional space of your home. When incorporated within the structure in an intelligent and well-thought-out way, a deck can serve as an extension of interior living spaces.

Creating a large and open area, such as a deck, that may have seating, tables, or other outdoor furniture provides homeowners and their guests with an outdoor space to enjoy that is comfortable and convenient. Decks also serve as a great transition area between the house and the yard area of the home.

For homes with pools, a deck can be a connection between the back door of the home and the pool area. There are many different ways to use a deck. In general, decks serve to increase the amount of “living space” in a home in addition to helping to make the existing living space in the home more functional.

Check out the time-lapse video below to see the Zephyr Thomas team building a home addition with a deck for this homeowner!

4. A Deck is Customizable

The fully customizable nature of a deck is one of the biggest benefits and reasons why these types of home additions are so popular. A deck that meets all of your needs and wants is easily implemented with the help of an experienced home improvement contractor. Customizability is just one of the benefits of vinyl decks.

In fact, the customizable nature of decks, in terms of size, shape, material, color, etc. will also serve to create a unique exterior aesthetic for your home and enhance its curb appeal. Your deck can look as plain or as majestic as you wish. If it’s done right, it will enhance the beauty of your home and the outdoor space around it.

To add more appeal to your deck, you can use potted plants, mirrors, statues, lights, and other decorative elements. If you will have an elevated deck, you can even use some under deck ideas to get the most out of your new outdoor space.

5. Decks Improve Your Backyard

A deck is one of the ways to improve your backyard. Decks simply make the backyard better; better looking, better functioning, and better utilized. The backyard area of your home will get more use and be more enjoyable to use when a deck is present.

Additionally, decks can add to the general safety of a home, which is one of the reasons to add a deck to your home. For instance, decks that are incorporated within a pool layout will feature locking gates that meet code regulations and provide restricted access to potentially hazardous areas on the property.

Watch the Zephyr Thomas team renovate a deck for this city homeowner in the video below!

6. A Deck Can be Low-Maintenance

The material, layout, height, and more are all things to consider when adding a deck to your home. Gone are the days of wondering if the maintenance of a deck is worth the benefits you can receive from one.

This is largely due to the fact that new and better building materials are available that look great and are virtually maintenance-free. For example, vinyl decking is impervious to pests, does not rot and deteriorate like wood, does not require frequent painting or staining, and is incredibly easy to clean.

One of the mistakes to avoid when adding a deck to your home is ending up with the wrong material, so this is something to think about. A good home improvement contractor with experience in deck building can help you make sure you get a deck that suits your home and your needs.

Add a Deck to Your Home With Zephyr Thomas

These are just a few benefits of adding a deck to your home. A deck addition is one of the best outdoor home improvement projects for spring and is also a good fit for almost every season. Ready to start planning your new deck addition? We can help. Give us a call at (717) 399-4708 to start a free estimate!

Check out the video below to see the Zephyr Thomas team build a home addition with a deck for this homeowner!