3 Fun Ideas for October Home Decor

If you like decorating, fall presents a great opportunity to do your house up to the nines. So if you are bummed about the summer ending, read on for some exciting fall decorating ideas.The cold weather ain’t so bad when your house is the best-looking, most stylish one on the block. Here are a few fun ideas for October home decor:

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the king of versatility in the autumn, which makes them a home decorator’s best friend.

Of course, for Halloween, you can carve Jack-O-Lanterns with your kids (just remember not to let the little ones wield a knife!) or, to opt for a safer route, get some non-toxic paints and go wild painting cool faces and scenes on the pumpkins.

For a classy spin on a classic gourd, try painting them white, maybe even adding silver sparkles, to make them part of an elegant dining table centerpiece. They’ll look right at home next to clumps of pretty dried flowers. If you have a crafty flair, there are lots of easy ways to get creative. Give one of the gourds a homey touch by cutting out the center of a lace doily (not a family heirloom, hopefully!) and fitting it over the top.

Stack big pumpkins on the front porch or line little tiny ones up on the mantel: the options are nearly endless.

2. Focus on the Front Door

What would be the coolest way to enter your home? Generally, you’re stuck with the door you have, but fall decorating and Halloween present an opportunity to beautify or make spooky the front entrance to your house.

For a welcoming, embracing feel, drape garlands around the front porch or door frame. Try dried grapevines or other plant material for a natural look.

You could also think about re-potting some of your plants in seasonally appropriate containers and setting them on each side of the door–maybe replacing them with skeletons on Halloween.

A wreath is a simple way to add warmth to your home’s exterior while celebrating the season. How about making your own? It takes little more than a frame and the plant matter and decorative elements of your choice! This could be a really fun project to do with your kids.

If you find damage or other signs your door needs to be replaced while you’re attempting to decorate, it’s time to start shopping around for a new front door.

3. Indoor Elements

You might not have the money or the energy to switch out all the decor in your home as the seasons change, but there are some simple and inexpensive ways to transform the look of the interior of your house.

Try switching out your throw pillows. This can warm up a room, as can a throw blanket artfully draped until it’s needed. Sticking a bouquet of autumnal twigs and flowers in a strategic spot can really add warmth, too.

Trying out some new home decor can brighten and liven up a room. These are just a few October home decor ideas to help inspire you. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from, so you’re likely to find exactly what you need.