5 Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Considering finishing your basement? There are many reasons to do this, and why you choose to finish your basement will, of course, depend on your lifestyle, habits, hobbies, and needs. There are several reasons why finishing your basement is a great idea. Once you open your mind to the possible futures your basement may hold, you won’t be able to stop daydreaming about its transformation! Here are a few reasons to finish your basement:

1. Order and Organization

If your house always seems cluttered no matter how thoroughly and often you straighten up, you could probably benefit from more storage space. If your house is cluttered, chances are there are lots of things laying around that aren’t used every day and could be put in storage.

Maybe you like to make preserves or buy in bulk and your cupboards and freezer are always full to bursting. Maybe your shelves are full of books you have no intention of reading, or DVDs you want to keep around but have no immediate need to access. Creating storage space in a nice, finished basement would allow you to use the neglected area to organize your stuff as well as creating extra living space.

2. Space for Visitors

Your basement could be remodeled to offer privacy and comfort to visiting friends or relatives. Looking at the space now, it might be hard to picture its transformation into a unique, welcoming space where you’d want loved ones to spend the night. Talking with a knowledgeable professional about how the renovation would go can help you visualize it. Even if you have a guest room upstairs, a finished basement can offer more comfortable quarters for your guests because of more privacy. You can even add a bathroom, making it like a separate apartment or en-suite. Save energy and create a haven of comfort.

If your basement is not well-insulated, it might be letting the cold inside in the winter and the heat inside in summer as it lets dollars leak out of your pocketbook. A finished basement can offer respite from the heat in summer and from the cold in winter. If you finish your basement, your energy bill could go down and along with that benefit, you’ll have a new, more comfortable space to hang out in! Picture yourself descending into a cool, dry basement when temperatures surpass 90 degrees and the humidity is off the charts, as it often is in Central Pennsylvania.

3. Create a Soundproof Space

Don’t want the kids practicing for marching band or playing with their experimental noise-punk group in the living room? You can create a soundproof space for them to practice in the basement. If your family doesn’t have musical tendencies, there are other reasons a finished basement might be a good place to seal in loudness.

Do members of your family play video-games? Do the guys lose control and yell at the TV a little too emphatically during big football games? This is a chance to let them let loose while preserving peace and quiet in the rest of the house. Zephyr Thomas also specializes in turning creepy old basements into peaceful and comfortable living space. The kids could carry on a movie marathon-slumber party downstairs while the parents have a peaceful evening on the ground floor in a seemingly empty house! Talk with your contractor about acoustics when discussing the improvements you want made to your basement.

4. Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re turning your basement into a small apartment, a rec room, or a home theater, finishing it will add value to your home. Just think – when coming to see your house, a prospective buyer may be pleasantly surprised to find that the basement is finished. A finished basement can only be an asset when it comes time to sell your home. This is one of the many reasons to finish your basement.

Also, this will depend on the layout of your home, but you may be able to finish your basement in a way that allows you to rent it out. This is something to discuss with your contractor. If you don’t want to rent out your basement, you might have a need for in-law quarters, and a finished basement could do the trick.

5. A Creative Project

Have you ever thought you missed your calling as an interior designer? Finishing your basement can be a fun way to exercise your creativity. Working with the skilled and talented team at Zephyr Thomas, you can bring your vision to life. Designing your new basement can also be a fun way to bond with your family.

If you’re thinking of finishing your basement, rest assured that Zephyr Thomas is capable of realizing your vision. We will send our professional sales consultant to your home to assess your basement needs; our exceptional installation crew will then install sealer, insulation, drywall, lights, electrical outlets, construct walls, box out beams, install trim and molding, and take care of any other modifications your basement needs, including installing a bathroom or a laundry room!