Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

No matter how much you water them, your tomato plants are shriveling up. The basil plant in the backyard had to be moved to the kitchen windowsill. The lawn is turning brown and there’s not a thing you can do about it without wasting hundreds of gallons of water. When nature decides to throw you a heat wave, or when an uncomfortably hot August seems to be never-ending, there are some things you can’t help. But, there are some things you can. There are ways to preserve the neat, cared-for appearance of your home even when it’s so hot that everything around you seems to droop. Following a summer home maintenance checklist can help keep your home looking great no matter how hot it gets.

Even if you’re not too concerned about appearance, there are reasons besides aesthetics to pay attention to what’s going on with your house in the summer. Summer is a time for fun: you don’t want something to go wrong the minute before you’re about to leave for the beach, or to have to deal with a busted appliance or other damage when you should be out grilling. Here are the home maintenance tips you need to keep your home in tip-top shape during the hot summer months:

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Outside the House

Start with the exterior of your home and the surrounding areas.

Check for Damage

Check your home for damage, inside and out. This includes making sure critters haven’t made their way inside unbeknownst to you and your family. Having insect, reptile, or mammalian invaders can lead to costly structural damage.

Look for Wear and Tear

Scrutinize your home for wear and tear. Was it a rough winter? Did spring bring flooding that caused water damage? Summer is a good time to give your home a once- or twice-over and resolve these issues before the next cold season comes, bringing with it further damage.

Check the Yard and Outdoor Space

Make sure everything in your yard and outdoor space is in order. In the months when you don’t spend much time outside, things can escape you. Summer is a good time to resolve issues in the yard before they get out of control.

Look Over Your Deck and Other Structures

Go over your deck and other outdoor wood structures to make sure they are devoid of loose boards, rot and protruding nails. As with many things around the house and yard, putting this off through another cold season can only make the problem more severe and more far-reaching.

Inside the House

Once you’ve examined the outside of your home, take your review inside.

Check Your Locks and Screens

Check all your locks, including those on the windows. Check your screens for holes.

Look Over Your Furnace and Vents

Check that your furnace filter is in good condition. It may need to be cleaned or replaced. This is an important safety point because it may become a fire hazard. The same goes for the lint trap and dryer vent.

Examine Appliances and Hoses

To stave off costly and unsightly water damage, make sure the hoses connected to your washing machine are not cracked or leaking.

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