How Poor Installation Damages Your Home

When it’s time to replace or install things around your home, it’s tempting to try to do it yourself or to hire the lowest bidder to keep costs down. These options often increase the chance of poor or incorrect installation, which can cause major damage to your home over time. This is how poor installation damages your home in these common areas:

1. Windows

Windows that are not installed properly are often not sealed properly either. Improper sealing causes air leaks and excess moisture. Not only does this decrease the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by causing energy loss, it also increases the chance of mold, mildew, and water damage to the areas in and around the window. These are all reasons to replace your windows.

The increase in moisture and varying temperature of the glass caused by a poor seal can also cause the window glass to crack. Poor installation can also mean that the window does not sit plumb in the frame. This can cause issues in how the window opens or closes, which renders it ineffective and can also cause cracks and damage over time. This is why anything that leads to poor installation is one of the window replacement mistakes to avoid.

2. Doors

Because they get so much use, it is imperative that a door sits plumb. Improper or poor installation often means the door is out of plumb, meaning it does not sit level or correctly in its frame. This can cause sliding doors to come off their tracks and hinged doors to not close securely. Hinged doors can often get stuck and become increasingly difficult to open or close.

Not only is this a security issue as the door is weaker, it also causes a lot of damage over time to the door, the frame, and sometimes even the walls around the frame. A door out of plumb or improperly sealed also causes a substantial amount of energy loss through air leaks and can become a place for moisture to enter your home and gather to cause damage.

3. Siding

Poor installation when it comes to siding has all the same issues as the other areas, like energy loss and moisture, and it also comes with the risk of blow-off and severe damage from weather events. Siding is supposed to protect and insulate your home. If it is not properly installed and secured, a strong wind can rip it off of your home.

Without proper sealing, your home can suffer massive energy loss, increased risk of damage to the siding itself, and exposure to any weather event that occurs. We get a lot of rain and snow throughout the year in Central PA. If your siding isn’t installed properly, all of that water and moisture can get into your home and cause expensive and sometimes irreparable damage.

4. Roof

Similar to siding, your roof works to insulate and protect your home from the elements. Poorly installed roofs and roof shingles are susceptible to blow-off during high winds, which leaves your home exposed. In addition to energy loss and water damage, poor roofing installation can also contribute to, or cause, structural damage to your home.

Poor installation may sometimes cost less up front, but will certainly cost you much more in the long run. On top fo of the costly damage to your home, poor installation is also one of the biggest ways you might be losing money on your energy bills.

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