10 Inspiring Spare Bedroom Ideas

Whether adding a room addition or remodeling an existing room, there are many ways to repurpose a spare bedroom. If you are adding a bonus room or are trying to decide what to do with an extra room in your home, here are a few spare bedroom ideas to inspire you:

1. Create a Home Office

If you work from home full-time or once in a while, creating a home office can be the perfect spare bedroom idea. It’s also one of the finished basement ideas. You could also opt for a study/homework room for any students in the household that allows for a workspace as well as some quiet and privacy for virtual classes.

Usually, spare bedrooms convert really well into home offices, so you may not even need to do any remodeling to get the space to where you need it. On top of that, if you ever need to revert the space back to a bedroom or convert it into a different use, you’ll be able to do that.

2. Turn it Into a Craft Room

Whatever your creative pursuits or hobbies, turning a spare bedroom into a craft room or art studio can be a great idea. Not only do you have a dedicated space for crafting and relaxing, but you also get to remodel that room to have the right organization and storage you need for your supplies.

Plus, that likely frees up storage space in other areas of your home. And, you don’t have to worry about moving a project you’re in the middle of because it’s in a common space that needs to be used for something else.

3. Plan a Playroom

A playroom or a game room can be a great way to repurpose a spare bedroom. For smaller kids, this gives them a dedicated space for toys and free play. For older kids, this can be a way to organize and store video games, board games, etc.

For adults, a game room or playroom can be a good solution for storing collectibles and other hobby-related items in one place. There are plenty of game room ideas you can use to turn a spare bedroom into the game room or playroom that you need.

4. Build a Home Library

If you love reading and have a lot of books, one of the spare bedroom ideas is to turn it into your own home library. You can get creative with custom built-in shelves, add comfortable seating, and more to provide a place to collect and display all of your books in addition to a comfortable, relaxing, and quiet getaway to enjoy them.

5. Go Green With an Indoor Greenhouse

If you love indoor plants and gardening, you could create your own indoor garden and greenhouse in a spare bedroom. This is also one of the popular sunroom ideas. Depending on the natural light available and what you are trying to grow, you may need to outfit your space with specific shelves, drainage, and grow lights.

But, when done well and with the right equipment, you can grow your own vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs, and more year-round in your own indoor temperature-controlled greenhouse. This can be a great option for people who love gardening and growing their own food, but don’t have a large enough yard for an outdoor garden.

6. Work in a Walk-In Closet

Building in a closet or more storage space is one of the top things to do when your home has no closets. If you have a spare bedroom or are thinking of building in an addition somewhere, a walk-in closet or walk-in pantry can be a great option.

Depending on the size of the spare bedroom and the rooms around it, you could remodel it and rethink the space entirely. This could be expanding an existing room and adding a closet, and then making use of the rest of the space in a different way. Depending on the space and layouts you’re working with, you could also create a mudroom or laundry room, or even add a bathroom.

7. Expand a Bathroom

If your spare bedroom is near a powder room or a smaller type of bathroom, you can consider renovating the bathroom and expanding it. Adding a walk-in shower or a tub, expanding the bathroom layout to get more space, adding a bathroom closet for storage, adding luxurious options, and more are all things you can do when remodeling and expanding a bathroom. You can even take inspiration from luxury hotels and upgrade details to turn your bathroom into a home spa.

8. Elevate the Guest Space

One of the spare bedroom ideas is to keep it as a guest room and elevate the space to double as a potential rental. If considering remodeling an existing room, this may not make sense for every situation.

However, if you’re building an addition or upgrading one that could have a separate entrance and become its own temporary living space, you could open up the potential to rent it out as an Airbnb or short-term rental.

9. Make it a Music Room

If you or someone in your household are musicians, you can turn a spare bedroom into a music room. Whether minimal upgrades or full remodeling, there are a lot of options available for insulation, soundproofing, and more that will create the music room you need while also keeping the noise contained and separated from the rest of the home.

10. Work it Out With a Home Gym

Rethinking interior rooms is one of the popular home renovation trends, and a dedicated workout space or home gym is often at the top of the list. If you’re building a room addition that you know will be used for a home gym, you can design the room accordingly.

If you’re remodeling an existing room, you may need to consider a few things depending on how you like to work out. You may need to update the flooring, change the lighting, and replace or add windows to get what you need.

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