3 Useful Sunroom Ideas to Inspire You

A sunroom can add valuable space to your home. Whether it’s extra lounging space, a second dining area, a greenhouse-like natural haven, a special place to entertain guests, or something else you have in mind, a sunroom can be a great addition and there are plenty of sunroom ideas for how to use the space.

Sunrooms can also add to the curb appeal of your home. If you have a beautifully designed sunroom with a specific utility, potential buyers will consider it a big plus. The key to adding a sunroom is knowing how you’ll use the space and communicating with your contractor about that so they can design and build the structure accordingly. Before you even call for a consultation, it’s good to have an idea in mind for the space. This will help you make the right decisions throughout the process so that you end up with a sunroom you love.

Here are a few useful sunroom ideas to help inspire you for how you might want to use yours:

1. Workout Room

Being in a room flooded with sunlight and being able to watch the birds outside while you work out in the privacy of your own home would be great, right?

Whether it’s a simple yoga mat, a Wii, or a treadmill and some weights, a sunroom can be a great space in which to exercise.

2. Green Haven

Do you love your potted plants? Create a beautiful tropical (or pine, or cactus!) forest in your sunroom. This is a great idea for plant lovers because it can be hard to grow many sun-loving plants in the house.

Filling a sunroom with plants can present some really exciting decorating opportunities. How will you incorporate light sources? How will the furniture be situated in relation to the room’s green elements? What about a relaxing green reading room?

If you want your sunroom to have a garden theme, talk with your contractor about the best design for it. Where should the light come in? How insulated must the room be?

3. Extra Dining Room

A sunroom can be an awesome spot to entertain guests, or even just for meals with your family. In a sunroom, you can easily create a romantic or festive atmosphere.

Important Practical Considerations

It’s fun to fantasize about what your sunroom could be, but it’s also important to make sure you get an experienced contractor who knows how to build a durable, beautiful sunroom that won’t be hard to clean and maintain.

Zephyr Thomas has just such expertise. We know how to build a sunroom that will be an extension of your house, design-wise, and that will be energy efficient and structurally sound. This isn’t a temporary addition – it’s a permanent improvement to your home that will add value and comfortable living space.