6 Ways to Modernize an Outdated Kitchen

If you’re unhappy with your kitchen, it might be time to start thinking about updating it. Depending on what frustrates you about your kitchen, you may be able to update specific elements or it may make sense to completely renovate it. Here are a few ways to modernize an outdated kitchen:

1. Get New Flooring

New flooring can do a lot for your kitchen, plus it’s one of the best ways to update your kitchen. It can change the aesthetic and brighten up the space. Not only is new flooring one of the top ways to modernize an outdated kitchen, but also there are plenty of good flooring options available at various price points.

Since kitchens often see a lot of foot traffic, kitchen floors tend to wear out faster than other areas. Worn, cracked, or damaged flooring are signs your kitchen may need remodeling. Because flooring wears out, you’ll want a durable option.

Materials like luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) are popular kitchen flooring options. These types of flooring come in various options, colors, and designs, and can even be made to mimic much more expensive flooring materials. Plus, they are durable, moisture-resistant, and even have waterproof options, which makes them popular basement flooring options as well.

Take a look at the time-lapse video below to see the Zephyr Thomas team installing new tile flooring for this homeowner!

2. Replace or Paint the Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets sometimes can date a kitchen more than other parts of the room. If replacing your cabinets fits into your budget, consider hiring a professional to design and build custom cabinetry.

This will transform your kitchen into something that feels new. Plus, new cabinets can offer more functionality as long as you plan for it. More functionality is one of the benefits of kitchen remodeling that can help add more value to your home.

If you don’t need to replace your cabinets, but still want to refresh them, consider re-staining or painting them. Simply refreshing your cabinetry with new paint or a new stain will help your kitchen feel updated and new.

3. Opt for New Counters

New counters are often a popular choice in modernizing outdated kitchens. Kitchen counters undergo a lot of wear and tear and can show their age. Replacing counters can transform your kitchen and set the tone for the rest of the space.

Picking the right materials is an essential kitchen remodeling tip. There are so many countertop material options available and it might be hard to decide what best suits your needs. Natural stone countertops are durable and luxurious but tend to be more expensive and may require serious maintenance.

However, if you want the look of natural stone but want easier maintenance, there are other options available. Other materials can be made to mimic natural stone like quartz or slate. Or, look for other types of stone, like soapstone, as a more affordable option that still looks luxurious.

4. Change Up the Walls

There are plenty of options available to update your kitchen walls. You can try tile, wallpaper, or paint. However, think about how these options work with the rest of your kitchen. You want your kitchen to feel intentional and fit within a color scheme.

If you want a bold pop of color, consider an accent wall. You can also add or upgrade a kitchen backsplash. This allows you to introduce color without committing to painting all your walls a bold color.

5. Assess Your Lighting

Oftentimes, lighting can make or break a room which is why it’s one of the most important things to consider when remodeling a kitchen. Take stock of your lighting situation and see if you can benefit from adding some more lighting fixtures.

Is there a spot in your kitchen where you often do a lot of food prep? This is a great place to install a pendant light fixture. Not only does it create a focal point, but it also offers some practical lighting.

You can also update your light fixtures to modernize your kitchen. Choosing finishes in matte black, brushed brass, or chrome can add a bit of flair to your kitchen. Just make sure you are taking current and future lighting needs into account. Overlooking these elements is a common kitchen remodeling mistake to avoid.

6. Upgrade Outdated Appliances

Old appliances tend to be big contributors to outdated kitchens. Depending on how outdated they are, old appliances could also be one of the ways you might be losing money on your energy bills. Additionally, the more outdated your appliances are, the more likely they are to have issues that could cause damage.

Older, inefficient refrigerators, dishwashers, etc., especially if they have not been maintained well, can leak and cause water damage in your kitchen. Depending on what appliances you need to update and what you would like to replace them with, it may make sense to also consider a kitchen remodel and some kitchen home improvement ideas.

If your current kitchen design doesn’t allow for a large refrigerator or other appliances you might want, or things seem to be in the wrong place for what you want, a kitchen renovation can help you get the look, feel, and flow (and appliances) you want. If you’re already planning to update your kitchen, updating your appliances if needed can help you make the most of your investment.

Remodel Your Kitchen With Zephyr Thomas

Implementing some or all of these ways to modernize an outdated kitchen can bring new life into your home. If you’re ready to start a kitchen remodeling project, give Zephyr Thomas a call at 717-399-4708. Hiring professionals is a great way to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Check out the video below to see a selection of interior renovations, including some kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, and basement remodels, from Zephyr Thomas!