Seaway Grandview 4 Season Rooms

Zephyr Thomas builds the most magnificent four season sunrooms Lancaster PA has to offer! Now you can live the dream in your own 4 season room manufactured by our Seaway professionals, customized to your exact standards. A gracious, unhurried lifestyle is waiting for you. Before your eyes, your living space expands to embrace the comfortable manner of living you have always imagined. Your personal vacation spot, your home away from home, to relax and get away from the busy responsibilities of your day. Remember, not all Lancaster home improvement companies will give you the same quality workmanship that Zephyr Thomas offers, so call us for your sunroom additions now!

How Can You Use Your New Sunroom?

  • Exercise Room
  • Recreational Game Room
  • Spa Room
  • Quiet Getaway Retreat
  • Entertainment/Party Room
  • Home Office
  • Children’s Play Room
  • TV Room
  • Hobbies/Craft Room
  • Use your imagination – Bring your dreams to life!
  • Why GrandView?
  • Quick Installation

1. Insulated Composite Roof System with Batten System Construction offers additional energy efficiency & strength. Even the weight of 6′ of snow won’t damage the roof panels.

2. GrandView’s windows & doors have a unique contoured exterior design to enhance the classic elegance of any home. Windows & doors are fully fusion welded at all corners for maximized strength, prevention of drafts, and protection against water leakage.

3. GrandView four season rooms use the highest quality windows available, constructed with energy efficient, triple weather-stripping, heavy duty window locks & vent latches for added security for children and pets. Triple interlocks at the meeting rail, header, and sill provide unsurpassed protection against forced entry and a strong tight seal.

4. Thermally Improved Extrusions – All heavy duty GrandView aluminum sunroom components are thermally improved with a nonconductive external element barrier, isolating the interior of the room from the cold winter and hot summer temperatures. Hollow air spaces are fully filled with foam insulation for maximized energy efficiency.

5. Foam Filled Corner Post & Corner Cover- Creates a well-insulated, sturdy support while augmenting the style of the room with its sleek contour design.

6. Optional High-Efficiency Heat Pump Air Conditioning Units – Provide increased year-round comfort.

7. Optional Glass Kneewalls & Trapezoids – Enjoy a maximized viewing area of your property & the outdoors.

8. Standard Dent Resistant Wall Panels – 3-1/4” thick insultherm, high impact wall panels provide support, energy efficiency, keep your room quiet, and reduce the chance of denting on the facade of your room.

9. High Strength 6005 Aluminum & Thermal Enhancement Technology – Twice the strength of commercial aluminum, allowing for superior structural integrity and a true thermal barrier.

10. TemperHigh-Performance Glass Package with Warm Edge Spacer Technology – Protects & provides a thermally efficient barrier from elements for energy efficient living.

11. All GrandView sunroom windows are tested to NFRC standards & are Energy Star qualified in all 50 states.

  • Zephyr Thomas can install a new concrete pad, stamped concrete pad, or deck as the support foundation for your new Grandview Sunroom/4 season room.
  • Most Sunrooms are installed in less than a week. Zephyr Thomas handles any excavation
    of your room.
  • Zephyr Thomas is careful and respectful of your home during our installation process. When we leave your home you will barely know we were doing construction!
  • Our installers are fully trained sunroom contractors in Lancaster PA that pay close attention to detail on your project.
  • Unlike competitors, Zephyr Thomas will handle your project from A-Z. You don’t have to worry about different aspects of your project being subcontracted out to several companies.
  • You can rest assured that when you sign a contract with Zephyr Thomas, we have all of the necessities to construct your room in its entirety covered. There are no hidden fees. No up charges after you sign a contract. No selling gimmicks that leave out half of your projects completion requirements.
  • We work one on one with our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with their home improvement project!