Why Winter is a Great Time to Finish Your Basement

When the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisper, usually the last thing we think about is opening up the house for construction. At a time when we’re usually contemplating our fireplace and snuggling in, a golden opportunity for remodeling can be slipping us by. Why wait another season to upgrade your unfinished basement? Here is why winter is a great time to finish your basement:

Contractor Availability

The warmer months tend to see a spike in remodeling and renovation projects. However, it is a common misconception that the spring and summer are better suited for construction and renovation. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean contractors can’t work inside!

In fact, contractors’ availability is significantly better during winter and fall. When you remodel during the winter, scheduling conflicts are a non-issue. While other homeowners may be forced to delay their projects, you’ll be ready to go. Contractors welcome work during traditionally slower times like these.


Homeowners who ascribe to the belief that spring and summer are necessary for construction are missing out – especially with timing. If projects aren’t started until the spring or summer, they will carry over into the cooler months. By the time construction is over, the homeowner may not be able to fully enjoy the finished product.

The earlier you start, the more pleasant your spring can be. Your new basement game room will be so much more inviting when paired with summer dinner parties. As an added bonus, you can nip mold in the bud. By securing your basement before the setting is just right for mold, nice and warm with high humidity, then it won’t have a chance to grow and spread.

Factors to Consider

Before calling your contractor, we would be remiss to not mention the environmental aspects of contracting during the winter. First, let’s address the cold! It’s true, contractors will be going in and out of your home to do their jobs. Inevitably there will be some drafts. However, it can be handled with relative ease. By hanging tarps and containing the basement area, you can substantially reduce the cold from seeping in.

Another frequently cited concern is the environmental hazards of indoor construction. During the warmer months, many contractors let the various wood, plaster, and concrete dusts shoot directly outside through open doors. Doing so preserves the air quality, and allows a safe work environment. Often, people are dissuaded from winter remodeling based on this factor alone. Fear not! With proper portable ventilation systems, many contractors are already prepared for this.

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