Soffit and Fascia: What They are, Their Functions, & When to Replace Them

Even when you’re with a great contractor whom you trust, it’s very useful to know about the various parts of your roof, how they function, how to take care of them, and why and when they might need to be replaced.

Soffit and fascia are two roof components in your roof’s gutter zone, which is critical for getting water away from your house.

How Soffit and Fascia Work


Soffit is a word for the exposed area under the eaves of your roof. It can also mean the area underneath an arch, a staircase or a ceiling.

Soffits are typically made of vinyl and, since an important function they have is to let air circulate in your attic, they are usually perforated to let air through.

A good soffit will be able to stand up to the elements, which is important because soffits are likely to be exposed to the wet and damp. Maintaining your gutters well is a good practice for keeping your soffits in good condition.

If you have to get your soffits replaced, it’s a good idea to use vinyl because it’s likely to last a long time.


The fascia protects the edge of your roof from the outside. It’s a board attached to the rafters or other elements that make up your roof.

Fascia are also very important. Subject to moisture, if fascia start to rot or otherwise degrade, it’s important to get your contractor to look at them as soon as possible. If they wear away, the exposed interior of your roof may suffer water damage.

When to Replace Soffit and Fascia

Again, it’s important to maintain your gutters so that your soffit and fascia don’t create any problems.

Soffit may become damaged if your gutters are overflowing, which is especially likely to happen if they are clogged, or if ice is damming up in your gutters over the winter. Ice dams are a relatively common occurrence in the winter, which makes good winter gutter maintenance even more important. You might even get icicles coming down through the vinyl of your soffit. This isn’t good for your roof.

It’s important to maintain your fascia because of their protective function, but also because they tend to be highly visible. If they’re in bad condition, they may detract from the attractiveness of your house.

Because fascia are so highly visible, it’s important that you and your contractor are on the same page about the materials that will be used and how your roof will look once the new fascia are installed.

If you’re concerned about the state of your soffit or fascia or any other part of that crucial gutter area, call Zephyr Thomas. Our experienced salespeople and technicians will help to match you with the appropriate parts, materials, gutters, and gutter protection so that you don’t have to worry about your roof again for a long time.