10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Your home is an investment, and it’s likely where you spend most of your time. It pays to spend a little time and energy on maintenance to make sure it’s in tip-top shape and still a place you want to call home. Some maintenance happens in every season, like checking windows and doors. Other maintenance, particularly preparation, is particular for the season. As summer fades into fall, it’s a good idea to do a round of fall home maintenance.

Preparing your home for fall has its own set of maintenance tasks. The beautiful months of autumn bring a spectacular show of colors when the leaves dress up in brilliant yellow, orange, and red. As nature prepares itself for the cooler weather ahead, you should also think about how to maintain and protect your home from the elements.

Here are some fall home maintenance tips on how you can keep your home in top condition through the autumn and winter months:

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

1. Clean Out Your Gutters

Leaves can clog downspouts and gutters. Cleaning out your gutters is a messy chore, but it must be done. Scoop out the debris, and flush out the gutter with water. Inspect the gutter for any damage. If you see any damage, or if you want to avoid this messy job in the future, call us to install gutter guards for you. Gutter guards prevent leaves and other debris from falling into your gutters all year round, reducing the need for maintenance. We will help you choose the best gutter guards for your house so that you will never have to clean your gutters again.

2. Check Your Windows

Gaps and cracks around a window can cause your house to lose heat. Water can also get in and damage the structure. Apply caulk around your windows to seal them. If your windows are in bad condition, you should call us to install the best replacement windows for your home and your needs. Because good windows are so important to your home, checking your windows is also one of the summer home maintenance tips.

3. Weatherstrip Your Garage Door

Gaps in between your garage door and siding can allow debris and small animals to sneak in. Apply weatherstrip around the door to keep out drafts and little critters.

4. Check Your Roof

Roof leaks can cause irreparable damage to your house and personal property. Check your roof for any damage like loose or cracked shingles. If you need help, we can come out to inspect your roof. We offer outstanding solutions for roofing homeowners in Lancaster will appreciate, and we can recommend the most appropriate option for your needs.

5. Check and Clean Your Fireplace

The heating elements in your fireplace should be checked to make sure that they are in good working order. The chimney should be cleaned. This is essential for efficiency and safety. If you suspect any damage, we can do an inspection and fix anything that requires repair.

6. Have Your Central Heating System Inspected

A heating system in good running order will use energy more efficiently. That minimizes your energy bill and extends the life of your heating unit. Get your heating system inspected before temperatures drop to ensure everything is in working order.

7. Check the Exterior For Peeling Paint

Paint that is peeling cannot protect your home’s exterior, which can result in faster deterioration of the structure. If you notice any paint damage, you should consider having new, maintenance-free vinyl siding installed so you never have to paint again!

8. Prep Your Outdoor Living Space

Clean your porch or deck. Check for any repairs that need to be done because wet weather will worsen the damage. Cover any outdoor furniture that you will not be using.

9. Prepare Exterior Water Pipes

The last thing you want is a pipe to burst when the temperatures reach below freezing. Make sure to turn off your exterior hose bib valves, drain all the water from the pipes, and put your hose away. You can also wrap exterior water pipes with heating tape to save energy and avoid freezing issues.

10. Check Your Smoke Detectors

Because you will be using your fireplace and heating system more often, this increases the risk of fire danger. Therefore, test all smoke detectors and replace old batteries. Replace units that do not work properly. You should also review your fire safety plan with your family.

We have extensive experience in all types of home remodeling projects and can keep your home in peak condition all year round. If you go through this checklist and find areas that need to be fixed or improved, call Zephyr Thomas at 717-399-4708 or stop by our office to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff!