4 Benefits of Mastic Quest Siding

Although natural wood siding is beautiful, it also requires a lot of maintenance and presents many other issues. Thankfully, vinyl siding has come a long way and you can get vinyl siding that looks like natural wood without all of the issues that often come with wood. Mastic Quest siding is one of those options. Here are a few benefits of Mastic Quest siding:

What is Mastic Quest Siding?

Mastic Quest siding provides homeowners with a durable siding option that has the appearance of a natural wood finish. It provides all the benefits of vinyl siding without any of the maintenance, pest, or durability issues that come with wood. Mastic Quest siding features an abundance of benefits along with many proprietary and patented technologies that help to make it a reliable and robust siding option for your home.

4 Benefits of Mastic Quest Siding

Here are a few benefits of Mastic Quest siding:

1. You Can Get an Authentic Wood Look

Mastic Quest siding provides your home with an authentic wood-sided appearance. This premium vinyl siding is available in a vast number of colors and the best part is that no painting or staining is ever needed. Infused with patented Duranyl 5000 UV protection, Mastic Quest siding resists fading from ultraviolet light.

This ensures that the siding’s true color is maintained over time. In addition to being virtually maintenance-free, this premium vinyl siding is not susceptible to pests and vermin, which only contributes to its durability. This also helps your home maintain an exceptional curb appeal and retain its resale value.

2. Mastic Quest Siding is Durable

Mastic Quest siding features a patented T3-Lok® panel locking system. Not only does this provide easier installation, but it also increases both durability and strength. Mastic Quest siding features a double-thick nail hem, which helps to keep the siding firmly in place even during high winds.

In fact, Mastic Quest siding is tested to withstand tornado strength winds up to 240 mph. The vinyl used in Mastic Quest siding is also made thicker. This feature, alongside a patented HangTough technology, provides additional resistance to dents, cracks, chips, holes, and thermal distortion.

3. It is Highly Customizable

Mastic Quest siding is highly customizable. With several color and texture options available, you have plenty of choices to find the right fit for any house siding ideas you have and the style for your home. Not only can you upgrade the siding on your home, but then you can also easily match the siding on any home additions you may consider in the future.

4. Mastic Quest Siding is Energy-Efficient

Not only can Mastic Quest siding help increase the overall energy efficiency of your home through its components and several patented technologies, but it is also a responsible environmental choice in terms of production and shipment.

This premium vinyl requires less energy to produce than other exterior options for your home. Additionally, it weighs less than many other options. As such, it requires less fuel to transport from manufacturing to your home, which creates a smaller environmental footprint in the process.

These are just a few benefits of Mastic Quest siding. Mastic Quest siding provides homeowners with the benefits of wood and vinyl siding alike in a premium product that is built to last and provide added value to your home. If you’re interested in vinyl siding options for your home, give one of our reps a call at (717) 399-4708!