Daylight is the essential element to transform a regular room into splendid and open space that will add value and quality to your home and life. Bring the best of the outdoors inside!

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Get one step closer to a more splendid, illuminated space with skylights or sun tunnels! Zephyr Thomas is a Pennsylvania licensed contractor (PA HIC#5465). Our service areas include Lancaster, Lebanon, York, and Berks Counties as well as surrounding areas.
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Venting Skylight

Velux Residential Skylights

VELUX offers a complete system of complimentary products and accessories for any solution, from installation right down to the finishing touches. Skylights enhance life with our most abundant natural resource — light from above. 5 out of 10 consumers want light control on skylights. 1 out of 10 has it. See how easy it is to control the light by adding a blind to your VELUX skylight.


Not only does natural light create drama, it can actually alter the way we feel about living space in a positive way.


A perfect example is how carefully positioned skylights can help bring harmony to a home. Positioning skylights above windows opens up the space and reduces glare. The room is now functional, flexible and relaxing.


Homes are being built closer to one another and the balance of providing sufficient natural light and privacy has become an issue. That’s why 65% of homebuyers* request light from above through skylights in their bathroom, a room where privacy and light are of the utmost importance.

Energy Efficiency

The addition of blinds can increase the overall energy efficiency of your skylight by 37%. In the summer, on high heat/sun days, close the blinds to reduce potential solar heat gain. In the winter, on cold nights, close your blinds to provide an extra layer of thermal insulation to keep warm air indoors.

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SUN TUNNEL™ Skylights

For places where natural light is desirable, but a view to the outside is unnecessary, we offer the SUN TUNNEL skylight. This product, available in flexible or rigid models, can bring natural light into places that were previously impossible to reach. The new product design delivers brighter natural light and the easiest installation available.

Highly Reflective Rigid Tunnel

The TMR rigid VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylight features a highly reflective tunnel that provides brighter, whiter light output in any application. This makes the Model TMR great for most applications, even those with long tunnel runs or those in areas with less sunlight.

Pitched Metal Flashing

The TMR SUN TUNNEL skylight features an innovative one-piece pitched metal flashing that is designed to keep out the elements while providing the optimal angle for gathering light from all directions.

Ceiling Frame

The TMR VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylight comes with a pre-assembled ceiling ring and paintable ceiling trim ring to complete any look.

Integrated Flashing System

The standard Model TMR SUN TUNNEL skylight is designed for low profile roofing materials such as shingles and shakes. Tile flashing is also available.

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