Sun Tunnels: What They Are and Why They Are Great for any Home

A sun tunnel: it sounds kind of mystical, like something out of a fantasy novel. So, what in the world is a sun tunnel? It’s actually exactly what it sounds like: a tunnel for sunlight to come into your home.

A Sun Tunnel is a Type of Skylight

A sun tunnel is a small, round skylight that brings concentrated sunlight into your home. So, the sun doesn’t so much pour into your home as shine.

If there’s a room in your home that’s a bit dark, or where you often spend time during the day and would prefer to fill with natural light rather than artificial illumination, think about getting a sun tunnel installed. Sun tunnels are one of the ways to add more natural light to your home.

A skylight is more appropriate if you want a view of the sky or the trees above. But, if you’re dealing with a smaller room or one in which it would be inconvenient to install a skylight for structural reasons, a sun tunnel may be just the ticket.

Sun tunnels can shed light where skylights may not be able to – in dark hallways, for example, or small bathrooms, or even closets. This just one of the many benefits of sun tunnel skylights.

Types of Sun Tunnels

If you decide a sun tunnel might work well for a space or multiple spaces in your home, call the experienced home-improvement professionals at Zephyr Thomas. They will send an expert sales professional to your home to assess your needs and educate you about your options regarding sun tunnels.

The highly reflective TMR Rigid Velux Sun Tunnel is a good option if you’re looking to bring a super-bright beam of concentrated light into a room. The light provided through a rigid tunnel will also be less yellow than the light through other types.

The TMR sun tunnel has pitched metal flashing wrapped around the inside. This serves the purpose of harnessing the best quality light, from all directions, and at the same time keeping out the elements.

The sun tunnels sold and installed by Zephyr Thomas come with a pre-assembled ceiling frame and paintable trim, so the sun tunnel will blend in with the design and decor in your home.

Sun tunnels are adaptable and easy to install in many different situations.

The Standard Model TMR Sun Tunnel also comes with a flashing system that makes it easy to install where there are shingles on a roof.

To learn more about sun tunnels and other exciting home-improvement ideas, visit our showroom or give us a call!