5 Benefits of Aluminum Patio Covers

A patio can be a great addition to your home that allows you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. A patio cover can provide shade during the hot summer months, protection from the weather during a springtime rainshower, and extend the life of your patio and furniture. When it comes to patio covers, there are a lot of materials to choose from. Here are just a few of the benefits of aluminum patio covers:

1. Reduce Heat

Aluminum patio covers block the sun’s rays and reduce heat while still allowing for 100% ventilation. When used in conjunction with window awnings, you can shade your patio and windows from high summer sun and let the low-lying sunlight warm your home in the winter to help regulate the temperature inside your home.

2. Weather Protection

There are many places you could add an awning or a cover. Patio covers and window awnings shield your patio, doorways, and windows from rain and snow. Aluminum patio covers and awnings are durable and have a long-lasting finish that works together to provide optimum protection for your patio and windows. Plus, unlike fabric, they don’t stretch or tear.

3. Easy Maintenance

Patio covers made of aluminum are easy to maintain. They do not need to be taken down during the winter as they can withstand most weather without damage. Unlike a wood patio cover, aluminum patio covers do not need to be repainted, do not require yearly maintenance or hours of work to keep them well-maintained, and won’t be damaged by humidity or water.

4. Long-Lasting Durability

Aluminum patio covers are made from very durable natural and recycled materials and have a long-lasting finish. Because of their long-lasting finish and durability, they maintain their color and integrity and do not fade due to rain or sunshine. Plus, you don’t have to worry about rust, rot, or pests with aluminum like you might with other materials.

5. Customizable

With aluminum patio covers, you also have plenty of options for customization. There are tons of colors to choose from and they come in various styles to give you the coverage you want in a style you’ll love that also matches well to your exterior design.

These are just a few benefits of aluminum patio covers. If you need more information about aluminum patio covers or are thinking about adding a patio to your home, give Zephyr Thomas Home Improvement a call at 717-399-4708!