6 Important Window Safety Tips

Windows are important to your home. They add curb appeal, let in natural light, provide great views, affect energy efficiency, and more. They can also enhance or detract from your home’s security. Here are a few important window safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep Windows Locked

If your windows are not open and in use, make sure to keep them locked. This is one of the most important window safety tips and it makes a big difference in protecting your home. Also, make sure you are regularly checking your windows to ensure all locks are in good shape and working well.

2. Opt for Safety Glass

Safety glass is a type of laminated glass. Although it will shatter, it usually remains intact within the frame. Not only does this create an obstacle for potential intruders and enhance security, but it also avoids the injuries that can be caused by shards of glass on the floor or sharp edges in the frame.

3. Create an Emergency Exit Plan

Windows are one of the main options available for egress in an emergency. Make sure you take the time to create an emergency exit plan for your home that includes the windows. Every member of your family should know the plan and should know how to safely use windows to escape in the event of a fire or other emergency.

4. Make Sure Window Guards Can be Easily Removed

Window guards can help enhance security and childproof your windows. But, they can become a hindrance if you need to open the window or use it to exit in an emergency.

Also, you need to make sure egress requirements are met for the windows that need them, like bedroom windows. If you use window guards, make sure that they can be easily removed, and regularly check over them and replace them when needed to ensure.

5. Ensure All Windows Have Screens

The main purpose of window screens may be to keep insects out, but they can also be used as a protective layer. They won’t support the weight of a person or prevent falls, but they can help protect the window and prevent things from coming through the window when the window is open.

6. Replace Windows When Needed

One of the most important window safety tips is to replace your windows when needed. Not only do outdated or damaged windows result in energy loss in your home, but they are also a security risk. Broken, damaged, outdated windows can make your home an easy target for theft.

They can also cause injury to people living in the home. Replacing them is a protective measure that provides plenty of benefits and is well worth the investment. Simply replacing windows when needed is also one of the tips to burglar-proof your basement windows.

These are just a few important window safety tips to keep in mind for your home. They can help you protect your home and the people in it while providing other benefits to your home as well. If you need replacement windows or are interested in upgrading your windows, contact Zephyr Thomas at 717-399-4708 to start a free quote!