3 Ways to Prevent Winter Roof & Gutter Damage

During winter, houses take a beating. We tend to get a good amount of snow and ice in Lancaster, which can take an especially big toll on your roof and gutters. When your roof and gutter system aren’t holding up, the ensuing water damage can cause big issues – like rot, mold, and structural problems. It’s important to do the necessary maintenance on your roof and gutters this time of year so you can meet that looming winter weather with confidence. Here are a few great ways to prevent winter roof & gutter damage:

1. Examine Your Gutters

Before winter hits, gutters need a good once-over. Determine how the gutters are attached to the fascia. Is the attachment secure, or have they begun to sag and separate from the side of the house?

If your gutters are not well attached to the sides of the house, or if there is a gap between the gutters and fascia, then they are in danger of being damaged. This can be especially problematic when snow and ice begin to accumulate, which can lead to ice dams and other common winter roofing problems.

2. Think About Getting a Roof Rake

Roof rakes are extendable tools that allow you to scrape snow off your roof. Using one can help set your mind at ease when that scary January “nor’easter” brings three feet of snow. In addition, they’re affordable!

You’ll also want to examine your roof to ensure that all the shingles are attached. When shingles are loose, and there is space for water to get in and re-freeze, the problem can get even worse. You don’t want water to have the opportunity to get in and cause rot, mold, or other damage.

3. Consider Installing Gutter Guards

In order for your gutter system to function properly in diverting water off the roof and away from your house, gutters must be clean and free of debris. Depending on how many trees surround your house, you should clean your gutters two to four times annually.

Gutter Guards can be a great option for maintaining the health of your gutters. By creating a physical barrier that lets water in, and keeps debris out, Gutter Guards reduce the level of maintenance your gutters require. They also set your mind at ease by preventing gutter clogs.

Our Leaf Relief and LeaFree gutter protection systems will keep your gutters functioning and free of debris without taking away from the beauty of your home and can help you prevent winter roof & gutter damage. If you are interested in learning more about our Gutter Guards or our other home improvement services, please feel free to give us a call at 717-399-4708 or stop by our office to speak with our friendly and expert staff.