Autumn Maintenance Checklist: Tips to Get Ready for Winter

Winter can be tough on your house. Winter weather causes the need for many different types of expensive repairs. Following an autumn maintenance checklist can help you get your home ready for winter.

For example, something called an “ice dam” can cost thousands in repairs. Perhaps just as ominous as it sounds, an ice dam is what happens when snow accumulates on the edge of a roof of a poorly insulated house. The heat escaping the house melts the snow, creating a pool of water that can freeze as it seeps into the house. It can ruin your roof surface, especially if you have shingles, and can cause water damage.

You can prevent this from happening by calling an expert and making sure your home is well-insulated, to begin with, and also cleaning your gutters and maintaining them well.

Here are some other autumn maintenance tips on getting your home ready for a ferocious winter:

1. Pull in the Hoses

Detach any garden hoses from outdoor faucets before it starts getting cold. This is a good idea because leaving the hoses at their summer posts can cause water to back up in the pipes just inside your exterior walls. Plus, if it freezes, the water in the pipes may expand and crack the faucet pipes.

2. Seal Yourself in

Even if you’re not planning on fully hibernating all winter, it’s a good idea to plug any holes in your home, further sealing it off from the elements.

Go to the hardware store and get some tubes of exterior caulk, which is inexpensive and comes in different colors so as to match your home’s color scheme. Then, on a warm day so the caulk is soft and easy to use, simply walk the perimeter of your house and look at the borders of things — around doors and windows, between trim and siding — and fill in the leaks. This prevents destructive water damage.

If your windows and doors are damaged, old, or drafty, it may be time to consider replacing them. Poorly insulated windows & doors affect your house in many ways and none of them tend to be good. By replacing them before winter sets in, you can insulate your home better and increase your energy efficiency in doing so.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Gutters

Keeping an eye on your gutters is a key tip for autumn maintenance and can really help prevent water damage from ice dams. To avoid having to do this more than once, wait until the leaves have fallen before checking out your gutters. You’ll want to remove all the leaves, twigs and other autumn debris and make sure the gutters are in good shape and not trapping water anywhere.

Also, tighten the hangers and downspout brackets. This is the time, as well, to replace any damaged parts before they cause other parts to degrade, or cause water damage. If your gutters are showing damage, it’s one of the signs you should replace your gutters and doing so before winter sets in is a good idea.

If, in the process of checking over your home for weak spots for winter to attack, you realize you need the advice and aid of a qualified professional, don’t hesitate to call Zephyr Thomas Home Improvement. Whether it’s a new deck, a new patio, new gutters, or other home improvement and renovation needs, you can rest assured that Zephyr Thomas, the best choice for home improvement in the area, will help you realize your vision for your home.